This is the website for the Old Gaffers shanty crew from South Devon.


September 8, 2023

The crew are absolutely gutted to not be at the Teign Shanty fest but we have the dreaded Covid and I'm sure none of you want it, so we have decided it was best to stay away, thanks for your understanding. Our next public gig is at the Victoria inn in Salcombe on the15th September @ 8 o'clock.
Teign Shanty fest is my favourite and now I've got to wait 2 years for the next one.


Our last voyage

September 1, 2023

The next few months will be the last for "The Old Gaffers"; we are embarking on our final voyage as a group.
We're looking forward to fulfilling the commitments we have, which"ll take us into next June. We are not taking any further bookings.

We've had a blast singing and performing together for nearly 14 years, but we feel it's time to pay off. We've made some great friends, both performers and audiences, helped raise funds for several charities and had some wonderful times doing it. We have become victims of our own success, seemingly in constant demand and this has become increasingly hard to deliver. So, we've decided to step back and quit whilst we're ahead!

Come along and sing with us at one of our ports of call en route to help send us on our way with good cheer. We'll PULL BOYS TOGETHER, with no sounding of DRAKE'S DRUM, and fondly remember TIMES LONG GONE because 'TIS OUR LOT!

Outer space to inner space via Cornwall

May 31, 2023

The Old Gaffers have had a very busy start to the year so far, with only 2 weekends not singing since the start. With another full weekend ahead.
The Port Isaac shanty festival in the pouring rain made Glastonbury look like a parched desert, although the sun came out for all our sets! Must be a sign of something, just saying!! Plymouth pirate festival in the blazing sunshine, and this coming weekend at the Everyman Cinema in Plymouth, who needs the Med.

Outer space with (guardians of the galaxy) and inner space, under the sea with The Little Mermaid. Have a great weekend everyone even if you're not coming to listen to us. K.

A Brilliant 2022 for the Old Gaffers

January 8, 2023

Another amazing year for the Old Gaffers with nearly 70 gigs throughout this “Recovery “ year.

We were privileged to be booked to sing at several weddings this year in Devon and Cornwall……..one such venue was the magical location of Burgh Island at Bigbury , an art deco 1920 hotel with so much character and history it was like walking into another world…..it didn’t stop the guests joining in with a shanty or two.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee Weekend was a busy 4 days singing at 5 different communities , again it was so nice to be part of this special event for so many people…..of course the Old Gaffers had their fair share of cream teas , pasties and just about any other food on offer,Wonderful !

It was great to see so many friends and crowds again at the various festivals we sang at in 2022 including Falmouth , Plymouth , Salcombe , St Ives and Torquay……We look forward to seeing you all in 2023.


This Crazy Summer

August 11, 2022

Well summer certainly took off for the Old Gaffers by supporting The Marine Conservation Society when we sang at the Fatface shop Salcombe ,supporting their stars as they walked the South West Coast from 6-10 June.Dame Kelly Holms ,Tonia Couch ,Gareth Thomas(Wales rugby captain) and George Bullard(Explorer) ,were very much walking for the cause………..Gareth and George spent a good hour singing along with the Old Gaffers ,during there lunch break ,and have become honorary members of the crew………oh we were so sorry you couldn’t drink the champagne on offer…….again the Old Gaffers were SO happy to help out.

The Falmouth International Festival which followed started off so well with Friday being fabulous weather and singing ,but by Saturday afternoon storm something?? hit and our main stage appearance went south with most of the stage…….but still a great weekend..Well Done Falmouth.

Since July the weather has been great…..whether singing at weddings ,such as Burgh Island Bigbury ,or International Maritime Dinners at the Box in Plymouth…What a fantastic location……(I even ended up talking to a giant Mammoth)…..we Started singing at 11pm……them Maritime folk know how to have a great time.

Mid August and still so many gigs yet to enjoy with our fabulous audiences from Devon ,Cornwall and further.We Look Forward To Seeing You All.

An amazing voyage we are on this year

June 8, 2022

Our adventure gathered pace throughout April with our Pirates theme coming to the fore at both Brixham and Plymouth Pirates Weekends….singing to massive crowds both on the shoreline and at a few VERY pleasant watering holes, which the Old Gaffers found very difficult to leave.

Several more fun gigs followed in May including the Crabfest at Salcombe in which we were asked to make an appearance, after our show, at the Salcombe Distillery Boathouse and perhaps sing a song or two……who would have thought we would end up in a distillery, and yes you guessed lt at the end we were each presented with a bottle of Victuallers Special Edition, Shoreside Gin………what a great time, ..from what I remember.

The Jubilee has been full on with several more wonderful days of singing and celebrating this wonderful historical time of our lives……..we are off to Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival on the 17-19 June for a magical weekend of great singing and wonderful music and to meet so many friends……………………..But not before joining Fat Face this Friday for, “Seas the day trek” at Salcombe with many international sports starts……….this summer is only getting better by the day.

Come on you “Greens” ?

April 7, 2022

Yes Spring is upon us……or is that snow ,and no we haven’t been hibernating.The Old Gaffers have been working hard..ish at our rehearsal nights to bring you polished? ,new and familiar shanty songs as our season is now really starting to take off again.

The new year has already seen the Old Gaffers performing in some great inns and weddings venues……and a first for us singing at Plymouth Argyle Football Club’s Green Taveners ,prior to their home game with Wimbledon….which they won 2-0……”Come on you Greens” ,although most of the Gaffers thought I was talking about vegetables?? ,there really is no hope for us.
Check out the gig list we’d love to see you all.

No rest for the wicked

January 2, 2022

Despite these depressing times we are living through , the Old Gaffers have still been busy during the darker days of November and December trying to spread a little joy.
St Ives Sea Shanty Festival weekend in mid November was a colourful weekend with the festive lights and colourful locations to sing in , with sensible controls……later in the month even a tv appearance on GB News and a good old shanty to stir their hearts.
December brought more fun venues throughout the month with Soar Mill Cove Hotel on Boxing Day , Victoria Inn Salcombe on New Year’s Eve ….and even The Cottage Hotel at Hope Cove on New Year’s Day………..a wonderful location and fantastic scones with our cream tea at the end of the gig………A great way to start 2022.

Sailing the seas to Halloween Festival

November 1, 2021

A full set of sails were required for this month with several more amazing gigs that needed some miles to be covered.A full weekend at the Salcombe Festival was quickly followed by four days at the Harwich International Shanty Festival….what a fantastic time with the Old Gaffers performing in the Redoubt , an incredible fortification  the Victory a wonderful sailing ship packed full of enthusiastic paying passengers……..even an afternoon representing Plymouth and Dartmouth for the Mayflower 400 celebrations, were to be heard..each with their own song written by each crew.……….All this whilst having a film crew , who were making a film on the Old Gaffers , appearing at every gig.

The month was completed by a very colourful and slightly scary Halloween gig on top of a large galleon at Totnes …..the costumes and outfits were fantastic and both children And parents really made an effort , what a fun ,creepy ,frightening fun time with…”Being a Pirate” having to be song at the end.

The wonders of singing in Devon and Cornwall

October 5, 2021

Another fantastic month with September starting off for the Old Gaffers at Teignmouth Shanty Festival all weekend.The large crowds and blue skies at this beautiful south Devon coastal town made for a magical time for all.

After some real fun weddings at Thurstone and Bentham during this month we then sang at Port Isaac Shanty Festival with the Fisherman’s Friends and several other shanty crews,great fun and the very best of north Cornwall beautiful coastline was very much on show..

The final act for the month was to sing farewell to our much respected and loved Old Gaffer , Roger who departed this world for an even better place , perhaps flying as an albatross high in the sky….Row On Row On.