Our last voyage

The next few months will be the last for “The Old Gaffers”; we are embarking on our final voyage as a group.
We’re looking forward to fulfilling the commitments we have, which”ll take us into next June. We are not taking any further bookings.

We’ve had a blast singing and performing together for nearly 14 years, but we feel it’s time to pay off. We’ve made some great friends, both performers and audiences, helped raise funds for several charities and had some wonderful times doing it. We have become victims of our own success, seemingly in constant demand and this has become increasingly hard to deliver. So, we’ve decided to step back and quit whilst we’re ahead!

Come along and sing with us at one of our ports of call en route to help send us on our way with good cheer. We’ll PULL BOYS TOGETHER, with no sounding of DRAKE’S DRUM, and fondly remember TIMES LONG GONE because ‘TIS OUR LOT!