Sailing the seas to Halloween Festival

A full set of sails were required for this month with several more amazing gigs that needed some miles to be covered.A full weekend at the Salcombe Festival was quickly followed by four days at the Harwich International Shanty Festival….what a fantastic time with the Old Gaffers performing in the Redoubt , an incredible fortification  the Victory a wonderful sailing ship packed full of enthusiastic paying passengers……..even an afternoon representing Plymouth and Dartmouth for the Mayflower 400 celebrations, were to be heard..each with their own song written by each crew.……….All this whilst having a film crew , who were making a film on the Old Gaffers , appearing at every gig.

The month was completed by a very colourful and slightly scary Halloween gig on top of a large galleon at Totnes …..the costumes and outfits were fantastic and both children And parents really made an effort , what a fun ,creepy ,frightening fun time with…”Being a Pirate” having to be song at the end.