This Crazy Summer

Well summer certainly took off for the Old Gaffers by supporting The Marine Conservation Society when we sang at the Fatface shop Salcombe ,supporting their stars as they walked the South West Coast from 6-10 June.Dame Kelly Holms ,Tonia Couch ,Gareth Thomas(Wales rugby captain) and George Bullard(Explorer) ,were very much walking for the cause………..Gareth and George spent a good hour singing along with the Old Gaffers ,during there lunch break ,and have become honorary members of the crew………oh we were so sorry you couldn’t drink the champagne on offer…….again the Old Gaffers were SO happy to help out.

The Falmouth International Festival which followed started off so well with Friday being fabulous weather and singing ,but by Saturday afternoon storm something?? hit and our main stage appearance went south with most of the stage…….but still a great weekend..Well Done Falmouth.

Since July the weather has been great…..whether singing at weddings ,such as Burgh Island Bigbury ,or International Maritime Dinners at the Box in Plymouth…What a fantastic location……(I even ended up talking to a giant Mammoth)…..we Started singing at 11pm……them Maritime folk know how to have a great time.

Mid August and still so many gigs yet to enjoy with our fabulous audiences from Devon ,Cornwall and further.We Look Forward To Seeing You All.